IMF Post-Annual Meetings Policy Discussion

When:18 Oktober 2013
, 10:00
 - 11:30

This year's IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings on October 13-15 in Washington DC will be guided by discussions on the global economic outlook, challenges to support growth and employment, and also the impact of monetary policy on the recovery. As usual, the meetings cover a wide agenda, and the incoming Director of the IMF's Offices in Europe – Christian Mumssen, Senior Representative to the European Union, would provide a flavor and overview of the main ticket items of the meetings. 

The purpose of this informal exchange will be to provide important stakeholders in Frankfurt with a first-hand preview of the issues to be discussed at the Annual Meetings and to exchange views with senior IMF staff about the major challenges facing the global economy, Europe, and the policies needed to achieve more lasting growth, jobs, and stability beyond the crisis. 

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