Negotiations in Financial Markets – Close deals that add value

When:17 April 2015
  - 18 April 2015

Deal closing is a consequence of good negotiation. If you negotiate well, you are more likely to close a deal. Learning how to successfully negotiate is therefore of first order importance for finance professionals.

In this 2-day training, you will learn how to negotiate effectively with customers. The training first starts with the basics. What are important factors in financial negotiation? How to make offers and concessions? Subsequently, you will practice your negotiation skills in case studies. The case studies will teach you how to create value for your customers and establishing long relationships.

Finally, you will learn how to handle difficult situations, such as misunderstandings, high emotions and wrong perceptions, which often kill deals and harm relationships.

The skills developed in this training fit in a corporate culture and regulatory which put the customer central.

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