Knowledge transfer between the House of Finance and political practice

The global financial crisis has underlined the lack of profound research results in key financial subjects and the dearth of overarching, interdisciplinary solutions for the complex, multi-layered problems we face today – for example, regarding how the capital markets can be better regulated – but also highlighted the tremendous gap between the knowledge derived from research and how this is actually used and applied in political practice – in the work, for example, of politicians, policy makers and public servants. The House of Finance sees itself as not only obliged to generate new research results, but also to improve the “translation” of these results for political practice.


Thus, the Center for Financial Studies (CFS), the Institute of Law and Finance (ILF), and the Institute of Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) have jointly initiated the House of Finance Policy Platform. Recently complemented by the E-Finance Lab, this pools together the policy-relevant contributions of researchers at the House of Finance and at Goethe Uni versity’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Faculty of Law.


The policy-relevant publications of participating scholars can be downloaded from the Policy Platform website (www.hof.uni-frankfurt. de/de/Policy-Platform/About-us.html). These are either available as “Policy Letters”, i.e. short essays or commentaries on current policy topics usually written for the media, or as “White Papers”, which consist of researchbased contributions to ongoing policy debates. The overall aim of these two products is to inform political practice – and also the general public – in a non-technical way, about issues currently pertinent to financial markets, monetary economics and central banking, and financial law. This website presently offers 40 Policy Letters and 26 White Papers and is continuously expanding.



In addition, the Policy Platform has established a series of workshops with renowned policy makers. Researchers want to learn more about the specifics of real-world problems and also the results of investigations carried out by public agencies. In return, they explain their own results – as well as those of their peers around the globe – and “translate” these for political practice. This exchange enriches not only political practice but also academia, as evidenced by the new research projects inspired by such workshops. Prof. Axel Weber, Dr. Jens Weid - mann und Jochen Sanio have all participated in Policy Platform workshops.