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CFS survey: German financial industry does not expect Libra to be introduced next year. Major concerns about potential threats to financial stability.[more]

Der Investment-Hochschultag bietet wieder die Kommunikationsplattform für den Gedankenaus­tausch zwischen Wissenschaftlern und Praktikern.   In diesem Jahr stehen Altersvorsorge, Robo-Advice und Einfluss der Medienpräsenz auf die Aktienperfor­mance im Mittelpunkt.   Was steht hinter der Idee eines deutschen Bürger­fonds? Prof. Dr. Volker Meier, ifo Institut, erläutert das Konzept....[more]

Financial industry records significant decline in investment volume growth / Financial institutions report rising earnings growth accompanied by weaker revenue growth and fewer job cuts [more]

The majority of respondents (63%) believe the German financial sector is sufficiently prepared for a “no deal” Brexit, while 36% see a need for further measures. “Considering how likely a ‘no deal’ Brexit has become, the survey results are rather worrying, as there is little time left for market participants to make adjustments,” Professor Volker Brühl, Managing Director of the Center for...[more]

At a conference at Goethe University, academics discussed the phenomenon of public debt from an economic-historical perspective[more]

Earnings growth in the financial sector declines, although optimism persists for the current quarter / Service providers report sharp decline in revenue growth accompanied by higher investment volume and employee growth / Increased job cuts at financial institutions[more]

In light of the growing debate over climate change and its consequences, sustainability considerations are also taking on greater importance in the financial sector. Under the headings “Sustainable Finance” or “Green Finance”, numerous initiatives have been launched to address the financial sector's contribution to attaining climate goals. A recent survey by the Center for Financial Studies...[more]

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