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Experienced investors know that diversification is good for their portfolio: spreading your money over several investment opportunities minimizes the risk of huge losses. Does this also apply for the geographical expansion of banks? There is no agreement about this question in academia. Some studies say: yes, geographical expansion of banks does reduce their risk. When a bank is doing...[more]

New book analyzes European banking union / Contributions by economic and legal scholars as well as practitioners in regulation Shortly before the first anniversary of the Single Supervisory Mechanism, a comprehensive book volume analyzes the far reaching reforms of financial regulation currently being implemented in Europe. The volume on “Financial Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective”,...[more]

The European Central Bank (ECB) increased the emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) for Greek banks from €50 billion in February 2015 to approximately €90 billion in June 2015. Its actions were accompanied by a discussion among academics, politicians and practitioners regarding the legitimacy of the ELA. Some have even accused the ECB of deliberately delaying the bankruptcy filing of already...[more]

Recognizing its contribution as driving force for the political debate in Germany, the Small and Medium-Sized Business Association of the CDU and CSU (MIT) selected the German Council of Economic Experts, and among its members Volker Wieland, professor at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, as recipient of the award “Deutscher Mittelstandspreis” 2015. During the award ceremony on September 7, 2015...[more]

Web version | Print version (PDF) Content: Research  Markus Behn, Rainer Haselmann, Paul Wachtel "The Effect of Pro-Cyclical Capital Regulation on Lending" Tobias Tröger "Regulatory Influence on Market Conditions in the Banking Union" Interview Alfons Weichenrieder "Tax Information...[more]

Benjamin Clapham has been given the Maravon Markets Award 2015 for his thesis on „Price Discovery in Fragmented Markets - An Event Study Based on Trading Data from Deutsche Börse and BATS Chi-X Europe“, supervised by Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber and Kai Zimmermann. The Maravon GmbH honors excellent theses in the area of financial markets research. In his thesis, Benjamin Clapham analyses how the two...[more]

Survey: A majority is in favour of a European reform agenda which goes beyond the existing EU Treaty Around 70% of decision makers in the German financial industry support the plan to strengthen political and fiscal cooperation in the European Monetary Union (EMU). This finding is the result of a survey conducted by the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) among high-ranking representatives of...[more]

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