The following professors belong to the departments and institutions at the House of Finance.

Haselmann, RainerSAFE Professor of Finance, Accounting and TaxationAccounting, Finance
Schmidt, Reinhard H.House of Finance-SeniorprofessurFinance
Götz, Martin R.SAFE Professor of Regulation and Stability of Financial InstitutionsFinance
Gründl, HelmutProfessor of Insurance and RegulationFinance
Hackethal, AndreasHouse of Finance Endowed Professor of Personal FinanceFinance
Hillert, AlexanderHouse of Finance-Professur für Sustainable Asset ManagementFinance
Inderst, RomanProfessor of Finance and EconomicsFinance
Kraft, HolgerUBS Endowed Professor of Asset PricingFinance
Krahnen, Jan PieterProfessor of Corporate FinanceFinance
Maurer, RaimondProfessor of Investment, Portfolio Management, and Pension FinanceFinance
Pelizzon, LorianaSAFE Professor of Law and FinanceFinance
Schlag, ChristianProfessor of Derivatives and Financial EngineeringFinance
Wahrenburg, MarkProfessor of Banking and FinanceFinance
Curatola, GiulianoSAFE Juniorprofessor of Asset Pricing and TradingFinance
Crummenerl, MarcEndowed Juniorprofessor of DerivativesFinance
Dursun-de Neef, ÖzlemJuniorprofessor of Sustainable BankingFinance
Binder, MichaelProfessor of International Macroeconomics and MacroeconometricsMoney and Macroeconomics
Evers, Michael P.Professor of MacroeconomicsMoney and Macroeconomics
Faia, EsterProfessor of Monetary and Fiscal PolicyMoney and Macroeconomics
Fuchs-Schündeln, NicolaProfessor of Macroeconomics and DevelopmentMoney and Macroeconomics
Haliassos, MichaelProfessor of Macroeconomics and FinanceMoney and Macroeconomics
Kaas, LeoProfessor of MacroeconomicsMoney and Macroeconomics
Wiederholt, MirkoProfessor of MacroeconomicsMoney and Macroeconomics
Wieland, VolkerEndowed Professor of Monetary EconomicsMoney and Macroeconomics
Massenot, BaptisteSAFE Juniorprofessor of Macroeconomics and FinanceMoney and Macroeconomics
Vellekoop, NathanaelSAFE Juniorprofessor of Household FinanceMoney and Macroeconomics
Baums, TheodorProfessor of Civil and Business LawCorporate and Financial Law
Cahn, AndreasEndowed Professor of Business Law/Law and Finance Corporate and Financial Law
Haar, BrigitteProfessor of Private Law, German, European, and International Business Law, Law and Finance, and Comparative LawCorporate and Financial Law
Goldmann, MatthiasJuniorprofessor of International Public Law and Financial LawCorporate and Financial Law
Langenbucher, KatjaProfessor of Private Law, Business Law and Banking LawCorporate and Financial Law
Siekmann, HelmutEndowed Professor of Money, Currency and Central Bank LawCorporate and Financial Law
Tröger, TobiasSAFE Professor of Private Law, Trade and Business Law, JurisprudenceCorporate and Financial Law
Wandt, ManfredProfessor of Civil Law, Commercial and Insurance Law, Private International Law and Comparative LawCorporate and Financial Law
Gal, JensJuniorprofessor of European Insurance LawCorporate and Financial Law
Gomber, PeterProfessor of e-FinanceBusiness Informatics and Information Economics
König, WolfgangProfessor of Business Administration, esp. Information SystemsBusiness Informatics and Information Economics
Ludwig, AlexanderSAFE Professor of Public Finance and Debt ManagementApplied Econometrics and International Economic Policy
Skiera, BerndProfessor of Electronic CommerceMarketing
Walz, UweProfessor of Industrial OrganizationManagement and Microeconomics
Weichenrieder, AlfonsProfessor of Economics and Public FinanceApplied Econometrics and International Public Policy
Wies, SimoneSAFE Juniorprofessor of Marketing and FinanceMarketing