Doctorate / Ph.D. Program

The Doctorate / Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics of Money and Finance (LEMF) offers a profound academic training to highly qualified international postgraduates, from both law and business schools. The program aims to provide an academic environment for the students to focus on their research. Accompanying their own research work, students aquire profound knowledge in the area of Law and Economics, of Money and Finance. This ideal framework enables the students to concentrate on high quality academic research in cooperation with the support of the faculty members and staff of the program.

The structure of the LEMF-Program is designed for participants to chose from multiple fields of study. Within the first two years of the program, students obtain a profound knowledge of their chosen field of study. During the first year, the research work is accompanied by core courses in the areas of Law and Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Mathematical Methods. The Law and Economics Courses are mandatory for all LEMF students. To help participants with a legal background to suceed in taking courses in economics, the core courses of the Ph.D. Program may be substituted by more fundamental corses on the level of master programs.

Students have to pass the Qualifying Exams at the end of the year to be able to continue their studies. During the second year, students can chose from a broad range of field courses that are designed to further their knowledge in a more specialized area.
The research itself is accompanied by doctoral workshops, seminars and discussions under the supervision and organization of the faculty members and international renowed guest professors.
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