Precourses and Summer School

The Doctorate / Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics of Money and Finance is designed to be an interdisciplinary program. We are aware of the fact that prospective students will start the program with different levels of knowledge concerning the other discipline. In order to even out these differences, prospective students are recommended to attend our summer schools and precourses.

Prior to the first enrollment for the Doctorate / Ph.D. Program at Goethe-University, prospective students are offered the opportunity to gain a first and authentic insight into the basic requirements of the program and the actual scolarly debate. During regular one-week summer schools, which are especially planned for the short period just before the beginning of each first term, prospective students can get an impression of the current state of interdisciplinary debate together with renowned guest researchers. In doing so, students of both disciplines can start to enlarge their knowledge of the other discipline under the guidance of competent researchers. 

Supplement to the summer schools, the Doctorate / Ph.D. Program offers a variety of precourses which are designed to communicate methodical basic knowledge. Especially students with non-economic background are to be introduced to theoretical and empirical methods of economics, concerning mathematics and statistics as well as microeconomics and macroeconomics. 

At the end of the precourses, students with legal background are expected to have a basic economic background and understanding of economic way of argumentation. They should therefore be equipped with the essential theoretical and empirical methods which are required to adequately analyze the complexities of financial and monetary stability. As a second step, these ideas will serve as a basis for legal considerations during the later studies. 

The following precourses are offered:

  • Mathematical Methods
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics