Brigitte Haar Reappointed to Administrative Council of BaFin

Vice President of Goethe-University advises Financial Supervisory Authority

Brigitte Haar, Professor of Law at Goethe-University Frankfurt and a member of the Scientific Board of SAFE, has been confirmed as a member of the Administrative Council of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) by the German Ministry of Finance. Brigitte Haar has been a member of the Administrative Council and of the Consumer Board since 2013. The Administrative Council monitors the management of BaFin and supports the authority in the performance of its supervisory functions. In addition, it is responsible for deciding on the budget of BaFin which is funded by the companies it supervises. The Federal Ministry of Finance appoints six members with technical knowledge and expertise in the subject to the Council which comprises 17 voting members.

Brigitte Haar holds the Chair for Private Law, German, European, and International Business Law, Law and Finance, and Comparative Law at Goethe University Frankfurt.