Frankfurt Banker Friedrich von Metzler Awarded with Honorary Professorship of the State of Hessen

Friedrich von Metzler received the award in the House of Finance. He has been associated with the Goethe University Frankfurt for years

Minister of Arts and Culture Boris Rhein awarded the honorary professorship of the State of Hessen to the Frankfurt banker Friedrich von Metzler in the House of Finance. The award acknowledges people who made outstanding contributions to science and arts.

Friedrich Albert Moritz von Metzler was born on April 23, 1943 in Dresden. His training as a banker led him to Great Britain, the US and France, until he joined the Frankfurt bank B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co in 1969  in the eleventh generation. His work did not only apply to the financial center of Frankfurt. Among other things, Friedrich von Metzler significantly sponsored the annex building, which has been enriching the Städelmuseum for several years.

Further, he is engaged in the Freie Deutsche Hochstift e.V. and therefore in the Romantikmuseum, the Frankfurter Bürgerhospital and in the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research. In 1998, he founded the "Albert and Barbara von Metzler Foundation" especially supporting children and young people in conversation, reading and learning and supporting families with social needs.

Metzler is closely connected to the Goethe University: His bank supports the university with donations and in 1992 he originated the Metzler Foundation Guest Professorship for International Finance. The professorship was one of the cornerstones of the reorganization of the former Department of Economics and Business and today's Finance Department of the Goethe University and the House of Finance.

For the anniversary year 2014 of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Bankhaus Metzler donated together with the Edmond de Rothschild Group and in cooperation with the Institut für bankhistorische Forschung e. V. (now Institut für Bank- und Finanzgeschichte), Frankfurt am Main, a visiting professorship "Financial History" at the House of Finance of Goethe University.

Friedrich von Metzler has already received several awards for his life's work: He is a holder of the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class, the Hessian Order of Merit and the Georg August Zinn Medal, and is as well a honorary citizen of the City of Frankfurt.

(Photo: Minister of Arts and Culture Boris Rhein, Banker Friedrich von Metzler, Vice President of Goethe University Prof. Dr. Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz)