New Professor of Macroeconomics at the House of Finance

Mirko Wiederholt has taken up the Chair of Macroeconomics at the House of Finance formerly held by Thomas Laubach, who left Frankfurt to become a Senior Advisor at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC last spring. By appointing Wiederholt, Goethe University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was able to fill the vacancy in its Department of Money and Macroeconomics within a short period of time.

Previously, Mirko Wiederholt was an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in the United States, an institution with one of the best economics departments in the world, and also at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2003, he gained a Ph.D. in economics at the renowned European University Institute in Florence. His research focuses on the role of information in macroeconomics, the causes of business cycles, as well as the effectiveness of monetary policy and its optimal design. Wiederholt’s papers have been published in excellent journals such as the American Economic Review.

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