Prof. Baums receivs honorary doctors from Aarhus University

Professor Theodor Baums, Director of the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University, was appointed Honorary Doctor at the annual celebration of the Aarhus School of Business on Friday 11 September.

 Professor Baums has had a long and distinguished legal career, which includes professorships at several German universities, as well as international visiting professorships at universities such as Stanford and Columbia, USA. He has also influenced German and European legal development in fields such as corporate governance, German and European corporate law and the law of corporate finance, as well as being an adviser to institutions such as Deutsche Bank and the World Bank.

To sum up, Professor Baums is absolutely one of today?s most distinguished German professors in the area of corporate law.

For a number of years, Professor Baums has had good relations with the Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, including the corporate law research environment in particular. In collaboration with Professor Paul Krüger Andersen, he took the initiative to set up the European Model Company Law Group, which includes more than twenty prominent European professors in the area of company law. The group is working on the development of a European Model Company Law Act. Professor Andersen chairs the group, while Professor Baums is vice-chair.

In addition, educational collaboration has been set up between the Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt University, and the Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, regarding a double degree in Law and Finance.

Professor Baums has also been awarded the Order of Merit 1st class of the Federal Republic of Germany, and he has honorary doctorates from the European Business School (Dr.rer.Pol.Hc) and the University of Luxembourg (Professeur Associé).