SAFE Policy Blog now online

Scholars at the Research Center SAFE comment on current financial market topics

The Research Center SAFE has recently started a Policy Blog that enriches the range of information provided on its website. The blog addresses readers from politics, regulation, academia, media and the general public and complements the publication series and event formats of the SAFE Policy Center. The blog features statements and comments of SAFE researchers as well as short interviews with them on current developments in the areas of financial institutions, household finance, corporate finance, financial markets and macro finance.

On top of their research work, scholars active in the SAFE Policy Center engage in networking activities with representatives from politics, regulation and central banks, based on the intention to build policy advice on the latest academic insights. The Policy Blog makes these efforts accessible to a wider audience.

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The Policy Center is the second pillar of SAFE and complements the research areas. It aims at creating and maintaining a continuous dialogue with high-ranking policy makers in Europe, without giving up the neutral role of an academic institution. Thereby, it strives to overcome the common separation of academia and the political realm in the area of financial market development.

Contact: Ulrike Lüdke,, phone: +49 69 798 30051