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Peter Gomber, Professor of E-Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt, was elected for three more years as a member of the Exchange Council at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). The Exchange Council is a key forum for discussing fundamental issues and developments at the FSE. Among other things, the Exchange Council is responsible for the appointment, withdrawal and supervision of the executive...[more]

Revenues and earnings of services providers increase substantially / Investments by financial institutions reach a historic high since the survey began in 2007 The CFS Index, which measures the business climate of the German financial sector on a quarterly basis, rises significantly in the final quarter of 2016. It climbs 3.7 points to 114.3 points, reaching its highest level for almost two...[more]

The financial industry is in broad overall agreement (62%) that the three-pillar model of the German credit industry (commercial banks, savings banks, cooperative banks) has proven effective. This was revealed in a recent study by the Center for Financial Studies of financial institutions and service providers from the Financial Centre Germany. On the other hand, 29% are undecided and regard the...[more]

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