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Financial industry reports rising revenue growth and steady to positive growth in earnings and investments / However, financial institutions are making large-scale job cuts[more]

CFS survey: German financial industry does not expect Libra to be introduced next year. Major concerns about potential threats to financial stability.[more]

Der Investment-Hochschultag bietet wieder die Kommunikationsplattform für den Gedankenaus­tausch zwischen Wissenschaftlern und Praktikern.   In diesem Jahr stehen Altersvorsorge, Robo-Advice und Einfluss der Medienpräsenz auf die Aktienperfor­mance im Mittelpunkt.   Was steht hinter der Idee eines deutschen Bürger­fonds? Prof. Dr. Volker Meier, ifo Institut, erläutert das Konzept....[more]

Financial industry records significant decline in investment volume growth / Financial institutions report rising earnings growth accompanied by weaker revenue growth and fewer job cuts [more]

The majority of respondents (63%) believe the German financial sector is sufficiently prepared for a “no deal” Brexit, while 36% see a need for further measures. “Considering how likely a ‘no deal’ Brexit has become, the survey results are rather worrying, as there is little time left for market participants to make adjustments,” Professor Volker Brühl, Managing Director of the Center for...[more]

At a conference at Goethe University, academics discussed the phenomenon of public debt from an economic-historical perspective[more]

Earnings growth in the financial sector declines, although optimism persists for the current quarter / Service providers report sharp decline in revenue growth accompanied by higher investment volume and employee growth / Increased job cuts at financial institutions[more]

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