Workshop on Financial Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective

When:06 June 2014
  - 07 June 2014

Professors Ester Faia, Andreas Hackethal, Michael Haliassos and Katja Langebucher are editing a book entitled "Financial Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective", to be published by Cambridge University Press in the fall of this year.


At the workshop, contributors to the volume will present advanced versions of their chapters and will receive feedback from the editors, discussants, and other authors. The conference will also serve as a coordination mechanism across different authors, perspectives, and focal points. Finally, the conference will provide a way to stimulate interest in the volume among a broad target audience of academics, practitioners, and policy makers in Frankfurt.


The book consists of two parts. The first part includes seven papers focusing on banking and macro-prudential regulation, as viewed from potentially different perspectives. A number of contributions focus on the banking union and its structure, while others take up the issues of stress tests, deposit insurance, bail-in, and the disappearance of riskless assets for consumers with its concomitant effects on the costs faced by banks in raising funds.


The second part of the volume includes contributions on investor and borrower protection for households. Chapters focus on lessons from, and prospects for household finance research, to inform us on how to keep households out of financial trouble; on existing legal frameworks for protection of borrowers and investors and prospects for completing those; and on making sure that risk preferences of households are respected in financial product sales and that "mis-selling" of financial products by financial advisors facing conflict of interests is avoided.



  • Ester Faia, Professor of Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Goethe University Frankfurt and Program Director of SAFE.
  • Andreas Hackethal, Professor of Finance and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University Frankfurt.
  • Michael Haliassos, Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt and Director of SAFE.
  • Katja Langenbucher, Professor of Civil, Business and Banking Law, Goethe University Frankfurt and Affiliated Professor at SciencesPo Law School, Paris.


Please note that this event is by invitation only!