ILF Summer School: “Corporate Law and Governance”

When:22 September 2014
  - 27 September 2014

Banking and capital markets law, corporate law and governance as well as M&A transactions and law of transformations play an increasingly significant role for businesses and their legal consultants. These topics are often taught without the necessary depth or relevant practical knowledge during legal studies at universities.

The ILF Summer School, conducted in the German language, will be offered by the Institute for Law and Finance in cooperation with well-known top German law firms during the summer of 2014. Three courses (which may be attended separately or consecutively by participants) provide a comprehensive insight into the fields of banking, capital markets, M&A and corporate governance from a legal perspective. It also gives very relevant practical viewpoints thanks to the contributions of our prominent lecturers who are mainly partners within the law firms. In addition, professionals from the business sectors will also be offering their perspectives on the workings of various issues.

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