The Basics of Financial Risk Management

When:24 September 2014
  - 26 September 2014

This 3-day course is ideally suited for a first time exposure to financial risk management and does not require participants to have prior knowledge in risk management. It may also serve as a preparation for most parts of the GARP™ Financial Risk Manager (FRM) part I examination.

This course introduces the basic concepts, methods and products to understand and measure financial risk. The course starts with an introduction to the foundations of risk management including standard financial models and also explains measures to determine financial performance and relate it to risk. After this introduction the course focuses on financial markets and products in detail and discusses specific products intensely used in practice to limit and manage risk. More specifically, financial products are related to several risk concepts such as hedging, speculation, arbitrage and pricing. The final part of the course focuses on valuation and risk models and introduces participants to important risk management concepts and measurement techniques.

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