Conference on Reorganization and Resolution of Transnational Financial Institutions

When:10 October 2014
  - 11 October 2014
Where:Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften, Bad Homburg

The turmoil caused by the recent financial crisis put banks’ resolvability on top of regulators’ agenda for at least two reasons:

1) to prevent taxpayer funded bailouts of too-big or too-interconnected-to-fail institutions, thus cut the vicious cycle between banks and sovereigns, and

2) to, thereby, restore private liability as a prerequisite for market discipline and adequate bank debt governance.

Both ends will contribute to stabilizing financial systems. These rationales also underpin EU legislative action: The Single Resolution Mechanism is a pivotal pillar of the new regulatory architecture entailed by the banking union project. Our conference is motivated by the recent adoption of this piece of legislation. It aims at debating the SRM’s economic soundness as much as the challenge to properly implement normatively desirable policy concepts. Further insights will be gained from comparative legal analysis.

Confirmed speakers include Eva Hüpkes (Financial Stability Board), Emiliano Tornese (EU Commission), Peter Brierley (Bank of England), Maria Nieto (Bank of Spain), Elena Carletti (European University Institute), Stefano Cappiello (European Banking Authority), and Jan Pieter Krahnen (Goethe University and SAFE).

Participation will be limited to a selected group of high profile academics, regulators and industry representatives from various jurisdictions.

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