2nd Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy: Banking Beyond Banks

When:17 October 2014

Banks perform intermediation as well as transformation functions. They pool funds, bridge maturity discrepancies and diversify risk. And they obviously have functional substitutes, including asset managers as well as providers of transaction services. Serving identical purposes, these non-bank banks are competing in the same lines of business. Over the last two decades, with the slicing-up of bank value chains, in particular given the emphasis put on marketization, the role of non-bank banks increased substantially. Therefore, inexorably, when thinking about efficiency as well as stability issues of financial markets, it has become imperative to account for the activities in banking beyond the traditional banking sector.

Hence, the SAFE Policy Center will devote its 2nd Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy on October 17, 2014, to Banking beyond banks. As contributors we are pleased to have, amongst others, Vítor Constâncio (Vice President, ECB) and Claudia Buch (Vice President, Deutsche Bundesbank). Around three topical panels and two keynotes, the Conference will bring together policymakers, academics as well as industry participants. Its objective is to allow for an open debate in order to contribute to the public’s capacity to evaluate arguments and put a judgment on policy initiatives proposed.

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