Business Law Expert Alexander Morell takes over Chair at Goethe University Frankfurt

On June 1, 2021, Prof. Alexander Morell, formerly University of Mannheim, succeeded Prof. Brigitte Haar († 2019) at Goethe University Frankfurt. In his research, the newly appointed holder of the Chair for Civil Law, Business Law and Law and Economics in the House of Finance uses empirical as well as theoretical methods from economics to further improve traditional legal doctrine.


He treats civil procedure with a focus on the law of evidence and probability theory as well as on institutional remedies for cognitive limitations of judges. He is interested in questions at the intersection of corporate governance and capital market regulation, where he is currently dealing with issues of corporate disclosure. He also works on antitrust, for instance pursuing a project on the fine-tuning of compliance incentives in cartel prevention.
Before coming to Frankfurt, Morell held a W3 professorship for civil law, business law and corporate tax law at the University of Mannheim. In 2019 he received his habilitation at the University of Cologne for a thesis on the principle of adversarial proceeding in civil matters. He completed his doctorate in economics with three experimental economics papers on consumer decision making, competition between teams, and on social norms (Jena, 2015). He was awarded a doctorate in law for a thesis on the treatment of conditional rebates under antitrust law (Bonn, 2010). Morell spent his time as a PhD-student as well as that as a postdoc at the interdisciplinary Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn, where lawyers, economists, psychologists and sociologists, together, do research on questions of market failure.