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Risk transfer between financial market participants increases significantly during times of crisis / "Standard measures need to be adjusted to adequately reflect spillover effects"   Hedge funds amplify risks within the financial system during times of crisis. Thus, they significantly increase systemic risk which is held responsible for the spread and intensity of the recent financial...[more]

Financial institutions expand revenues significantly during the first quarter 2014 / For the first time since early 2013 banks create new jobs   German financial institutions and financial service providers started the year 2014 very successfully. In the first quarter 2014, the CFS Index, which quarterly aggregates the state of the German financial sector, continued its rise that had...[more]

Survey: Financial industry demands sound structural conditions in southern European countries / Wage level less important / "Contradiction to public debate"   Which are the relevant factors to be considered when investing in one of the southern European countries? In a survey carried out by the Center for Financial Studies around 90 percent of decision makers from German financial...[more]

Survey: Complaints of the European Commission not justified / Differences in current account balances across EU member states not harmful to stability   The vast majority of decision makers from German financial institutions and financial service providers reject the criticism of the persistent surpluses in the German current account balance raised by the EU Commission and other...[more]

Banking supervision and the new areas of macroprudential policy were the focal point of interest at the conference "Central Banking: Where are we headed?". ECB board member Benoît Cœuré, the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Patrick Honohan and the, by then, Vice-President of Deutsche Bundesbank Sabine Lautenschläger discussed the new responsibilities of central banking. Athanasios...[more]

What are the consequences of a cut in interest rates? How effectively can the economy be boosted applying certain measures? These questions can be answered more precisely on the basis of the new version 2.0 of the "Macroeconomic Model Data Base" (MMB). In the version MMB 2.0 of this public archive Volker Wieland and his team now have included 61 macroeconomic models. For the first time, the MMB...[more]

Two further professors join the Center of Excellence SAFE in the House of Finance for the summer semester 2014. With Rüdiger Bachmann, previously at the RWTH Aachen, and Alexander Ludwig, coming from the University of Cologne, five out of six new professorships, that have been created in SAFE with LOEWE funding from the State of Hessen, are now filled. Both new professors will strengthen the...[more]

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