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On 21 October 2016, Pier Carlo Padoan, Italian Minister of Finance, held a speech on “Promoting Growth, Employment and Solidarity in Europe in Times of Political and Policy Uncertainty” at Goethe University organized by the Research Center SAFE, the Center for Financial Studies and Deutsche Bundesbank. Padoan was introduced by Brigitte Haar, Vice President of Goethe University Frankfurt,...[more]

The issue of cyber security is of central importance. Germany’s financial industry is in firm agreement on this point, attributing it a significance of high (20%) to very high (75%). This is shown by a current survey of financial institutions and service providers in the Financial Centre Germany conducted by the Center for Financial Studies. However, the industry is also largely in agreement...[more]

CFS Index remains largely unchanged as a result The CFS Index, which measures the business climate of the German financial sector on a quarterly basis, rises by 0.3 points to 110.6 points in the third quarter of 2016. Though the value remains almost unchanged, it comes as a result of sharply contrasting developments of employee numbers at the financial institutions and the service providers....[more]

SAFE legal scholars warn of tolerating the cancellations of contracts by building societies with reference to the low interest rate environment / Economically “counterproductive” Building societies are recently cancelling existing contracts on a large scale that guarantee highly attractive interest rates for savers. A wave of lawsuits against these cancellations is currently keeping German...[more]

For the first time, Goethe University Frankfurt’s House of Finance has this year been assessed as an institutional entity in the ranking of economists of the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Based on the very good individual results of several of its economists, which were evaluated in the categories media response, political influence and research output, the House of Finance was...[more]

Aetienne Sardon has been awarded the Maravon Markets Award 2016 for the best master thesis. The prize, which is presented by the Maravon GmbH, honors outstanding research papers on financial markets topics. Sardon wrote his master thesis on "The Role of CCPs in Derivatives Clearing - An Analysis of Interoperability" at the Chair of eFinance of Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber. Central...[more]

Unregulated competition of central counter parties (CCPs) may endanger the entire financial system / New SAFE white paper calls for a centralization of CCP regulation and supervision New regulation in the U.S. (Dodd-Frank-Act) and in Europe (EMIR) renders the involvement of a central counter party (CCP) mandatory for standardized OTC derivatives’ trading. An estimated 50% of all...[more]

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