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An empirical analysis around SAFE recommends realistic assessment of loan losses in bank balance sheets and a resolution strategy in line with the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive[more]

German financial sector anticipates wave of insolvencies and accelerated branch closures due to pandemic [more]

Survey conducted 20-27 January 2021 for the results of the fourth quarter 2020 [more]

After Wirecard and Brexit, the realignment of Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority can succeed if the authority is set up with the right leadership personality[more]

Contributions of IMFS Conference of September 30, 2020 to ECB Strategy Review available as IMFS Study[more]

To what extent should the financial sector become involved in the fight against climate change and what kind of policies and measures are needed? [more]

International team of financial economists around SAFE compares and evaluates policy measures to make Europe's banks more crisis-proof in times of Corona[more]

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