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Q4 2012

Editorial Wolfgang Kirsch
Research  Law
Katja Langenbucher "Increased Disclosure Requirements for the Supervisory Boards of Stock Corporations"
Yigitcan Karabulut "Can Facebook Predict Stockmarket Activity"
Research e-Finance
Peter Gomber,
Jan Muntermann,
Michael Siering
"Financial Decision Support Utilizing Heterogeneous Data Sources"
Policy Platform
Jan Pieter Krahnen "Proposals for an Efficient and Sustainable Financial System"
Interview Wolf Singer "What Economists can learn form Neuroscientists"


Q3 2012

Editorial Thomas Schäfer "Parallel Banking – Frankfurt Can Bring some Light into the Darkness"
Research Money and Macro
Alexander Bick, Stephanie Kremer, Dieter Nautz "Inflation and Growth: New Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Threshold Analysis"
Sebastian Schlütter, Helmut Gründl "Who Benefits from Building Insurance Groups? A Welfare Analysis of Optimal Group Capital Management"
Research e-Finance
Roman Beck, Wolfgang König, Immanuel Pahlke, Martin Wolf "Mindfully Resisting the Bandwagon – IT Innovation Assimilation in the Financial Crisis"
Interview Uwe Walz "The Part-Time-Master in Finance is Goethe Business School's Answer to the Bologna Process"
News House of Finance wins new LOEWE Center "Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe"


Q2 2012

Editorial Elke König "Post-Crisis Internationalization of Supervision"
Research Finance Julian A. Mattes, Sascha Steffen,
Mark Wahrenburg
"Do Information Rents in Loan Spreads Persist over the Business Cycle?"
Brigitte Haar "Regulation of Executive Pay in Germany – Perspectives of Optimal Contracting and Managerial Power"
Research e-Finance
Christian Schulze, Bernd Skiera,
Thorsten Wiesel
"Linking Customer and Financial Metrics to Shareholder Value"
Policy Platform Otmar Issing,
Jan Pieter Krahnen,
Klaus Regling,
William White
"Recommendations for the Regulation of Shadow Banking"
Interview Lars-Hendrik Röller "Theory Needs to Address the Right Kind of Policy Questions"


Q1 2012

Editorial Andreas Dombret "Regulating Systemically Important Financial Institutions is Vitally Important"
Research Money/Macro Dimitris Christelis,
Dimitris Georgarakos, Michael Haliassos
"International Portfolio Differences: Environment versus Characteristics"
Raimond Maurer,
Ralph Rogalla, Yuanyuan Shen
"Optimal Asset Allocation in Retirement with Open-end Real Estate Funds"
Theodor Baums "Shareholder Suits in German Company Law –
An Empirical Study"
Policy Platform Helmut Siekmann,
Patrick Tuschl
"Constitutional Ruling on Court of Auditors' Review of Banks"
Interview Michael S. Barr "Information Does not Necessarily Lead to Understanding"



Q4 2011

Editorial Luise Hölscher "Financial Transaction Tax – Yes, but how?"
Research Money/Macro Volker Wieland,
Maik Wolters
"The Diversity of Forecasts from Macroeconomic Models of the U.S. Economy"
Helmut Siekmann "Bailing out Member States of the EU is legally questionable"
Research Finance
Reinhard H. Schmidt "Microfinance and Ethics"
Policy Platform Helmut Gründl,
Hato Schmeiser
"Long-Term Guarantees and the Countercyclical Premium Under Solvency II"
Interview Michael Meister "Economists must take more account of ethical aspects"


Q3 2011

Editorial Jens Weidmann "Central Banks and Monetary Policy after the Crisis"
Research Finance Holger Kraft,
Claus Munk
"Optimal Housing, Consumption, and Investment Decisions over the Life Cycle"
Ester Faia,
Eleni Iliopulos
"Financial Globalization and Monetary Policy"
Research Law
Andreas Cahn,
D. Schöneberger
"Shareholder Governance in Europe"
Policy Platform Michael Haliassos, Dimitri Vayanos "Getting Greece Back on Track: How?"
Interview Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla "Longevity Risk and Capital Markets Solutions"


 Q2 2011

Editorial Jürgen Stark The ECB's Chief Economist about inflation targeting, liquidity support and the sovereign debt crisis
Research Finance Yulia Plyakha, Raman Uppal, Grigory Vilkov "Why Does the Equally Weighted Portfolio Outperform the Value and Price Weighted Portfolios?"
Manfred Wandt "Legal Objectives of the Solvency II Framework Directive"
Research E-Finance Roman Beck, Timm Pintner, Martin Wolf "Individual Mindfulness to Mitigate Information Overload within Financial Organizations"
Policy Platform Peter Gomber, Björn Arndt, Marco Lutat, Tim Uhle "Regulation of High-Frequency Trading – A European Perspective"
Interview Norbert Walter "The Risk of Compromising on Price Stability Must not be Taken"


 Q1 2011

Editorial Michael Heise The Chief Economist of Allianz SE about the economic outlook for 2011
Research Finance Andreas Hackethal, Utpal Bhattacharya, Benjamin Loos, Simon Kaesler, Steffen Meyer "Unbiased Financial Advice – Wanted but not Followed"
Katja Langenbucher "Insider Trading in Europe"
Research Money/Macro
Thomas Laubach, Michael U. Krause, Matthias Hoffmann "Long-Run Growth Expectations and Current Account Balances"
Policy Platform Heinz Hilgert,
Jan Pieter Krahnen,
Günther Merl,
Helmut Siekmann
"Proposal for a Reorganisation of the German Landesbanks and Savings Banks Sector"
Interview Viral V. Acharya "The Dodd-Frank Act Leaves a Lot to be Desired"