Date Title Category
22 Sep 2017 SAFE Summer Academy: Developing Capital Markets in Europe
Research Center SAFE
26 Sep 2017 4th SAFE Asset Pricing Workshop
Research Center SAFE
26 Sep 2017 SAFE/CFS-Konferenz: Regulatory Technology – Praxis, Aufsicht und Wissenschaft im Dialog
Research Center SAFE
27 Sep 2017 Frankfurt Macro Seminar: Richard Clarida
Department of Money and Macroeconomics
04 Okt 2017 CFS Panel Discussion: The beginning of the end? Central banks and their exit policies going into 2018
Center for Financial Studies

SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
Corporate Governance of Banks – A German Alternative to the “Standard Model” Hans-Helmut Kotz, Reinhard H. Schmidt 07 Sep 2017
Microfinance – Once and Today Reinhard H. Schmidt 23 Aug 2017
Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg: Summer of Love Matthias Goldmann 17 Aug 2017
Incentivizing Older People to Delay Social Security Claiming Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell 05 Jul 2017