Upcoming Events

Date Title Category
21.08.2017 ILF Summer School "Law of Banking and Capital Markets"
Institute for Law and Finance
22.08.2017 1st SAFE Market Microstructure Conference
Research Center SAFE
01.09.2017 15th Annual Conference on Quantitative Marketing and Economics
Research Center SAFE
06.09.2017 5th Conference on Global Insurance Supervision
13.09.2017 3. Konferenz für Finanztechnologie
Center for Financial Studies
14.09.2017 IMFS Distinguished Lecture: Jens Weidmann
Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability
21.09.2017 SAFE Summer Academy 2017: Developing Capital Markets in Europe
22.09.2017 SAFE Summer Academy: Developing Capital Markets in Europe
Research Center SAFE
26.09.2017 4th SAFE Asset Pricing Workshop
Research Center SAFE
17.10.2017 Lutz Kilian (Michigan)
20.10.2017 Conference on The Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions
24.10.2017 CFS Colloquium: Theodor Baums, Rolf Nonnenmacher
Center for Financial Studies
24.10.2017 Alex Michaelides (Imperial)
26.10.2017 CFS Conference: Frankfurt Summit on Network Analysis
Center for Financial Studies
27.10.2017 Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy
28.10.2017 Andreas Fagereng (Statistics Norway)
02.11.2017 Felicia Ionescu (Fed)
06.11.2017 CFS Lecture: Keynes the Investor
Center for Financial Studies
07.11.2017 Martin Brown (St. Gallen)
09.11.2017 CFS Presidential Lecture: Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Jordan
Center for Financial Studies
14.11.2017 Frederic Malherbe (LBS)
21.11.2017 Jaume Ventura (Pompeu Fabra)
23.11.2017 Prof. Dr. Matthias Beenken: Die Umsetzung der IDD und deren Auswirkungen auf den Versicherungsvertrieb
International Center for Insurance Regulation
30.11.2017 CFS Lecture: Veranstaltung anlässlich des 80. Geburtstags von Herrn Dr. Rolf-E. Breuer
Center for Financial Studies
07.12.2017 Frankfurt Insurance Research Workshop
International Center for Insurance Regulation
15.12.2017 CFS Conference: Call for Papers: Conference on Risk Culture - 22 March 2018
Center for Financial Studies