Upcoming Events

Date Title Category
09 May 2016 International Conference on Banking, Monetary Policy, and Macroeconomic Performance
SAFE Research Area Macro Finance
10 May 2016 Frankfurter Vorträge zum Versicherungswesen: David Sehrbrock
Institut für Versicherungsrecht
11 May 2016 Finance Brown Bag Seminar
Department of Finance
17 May 2016 CFS Lecture: Thomas F. Dapp
Center for Financial Studies
17 May 2016 Frankfurt Macro Seminar – Joint with SAFE
Department of Money and Macroeconomics

SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
Euro area shadow banking activities in a low-interest-rate environment: a flow-of-funds perspective Günter Beck, Hans-Helmut Kotz 29 Apr 2016
Lost in translation? ECB’s monetary impulses and financial intermediaries’ responses Günter Beck, Hans-Helmut Kotz, Natalia Zabelina 29 Apr 2016
Mere criticism of the ECB is no solution Marcel Fratzscher, Reint Gropp, Hans-Helmut Kotz, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Christian Odendahl, Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Guntram B. Wolff 11 Apr 2016