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Financial sector views current situation far more positively than in the previous quarter / Financial institutions report strong growth / Service provider figures still on the decline[more]

Financial market researchers expect capital shortfalls in the billions for credit institutions / Recapitalization is best organized at European level[more]

Benjamin Clapham was awarded the Research Prize 2020 of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation[more]

In a webinar series researchers analyze the economic impact of the corona pandemics and adequate policy responses[more]

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that the European Central Bank's mass bond-buying to stabilize the eurozone partly violates the German constitution. IMFS Professors have analyzed the ECB bond purchase programs in various papers.[more]

International team of financial economists around SAFE proposes European aid program[more]

German financial industry expects economic impacts to exceed those of the 2008 financial crisis – Equity capital measures broadly welcomed[more]

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