Member Institutes

The House of Finance is home to three university departments, six research institutes, and three schools for graduate and executive education, including some two hundred researchers, more than forty of whom hold professorships. Interdisciplinary collaboration and close ties to researchers across Germany and abroad make the House of Finance a unique center of excellence in research and teaching as well as an important source of evidence-based insights for the public and private sectors.

University departments

The House of Finance contains two departments from Goethe University’s Faculty of Economics and Business – namely, Finance and Money and Macroeconomics. The twenty-four professors who make up these departments study a wide range of topics, including the function of financial markets, the specific characteristics of financial instruments, household  finance, and monetary economics. The House of Finance is also home to six professorships from the Faculty of Law, who are dedicated, respectively, to stock market and capital market law, the legal foundations of the monetary system, commercial law, insurance law, legal aspects of financial market regulation, and the economic analysis of law. The teaching activities of these departments are supported by numerous honorary professors, who often contribute valuable real-world experience.

Research institutes

The research institutes located within the House of Finance address the entire spectrum of financial and monetary topics. The Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS), which is supported by Goethe University and the foundation “Stiftung Geld und Währung,” considers central bank from an interdisciplinary perspective, examining their responsibilities and mandate in the areas of money policy, regulation, and financial supervision. The International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR) studies the economic and legal factors that underpin the insurance industry, and conducts associated policy advising. The research group Foundations of Law and Finance (LawFin) aims to develop joint economic and legal methods for studying foundational aspects of finance. The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) studies structural and economic aspects of financial markets and institutions, and supports dialog and knowledge sharing between researchers and the private sector. The E-Finance Lab (efl), another affiliated institute, harnesses the methods of data science to develop new business models and associated processes for the financial sector. Finally, the Leibniz Institute for Financial Market Research SAFE is a research center that considers financial stability from various perspectives, sharing its insights with government officials and regulatory authorities.

Schools for graduate and executive education

The House of Finance is home to various graduate degree programs and certification courses, thus furthering Goethe University’s mission to educate the next generation of academics and professionals.

The Graduate School of Economics, Management, and Finance (GSEFM) is a joint program of the Goethe University, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and TU Darmstadt that provides research-oriented doctoral degree training with a special focus on empirical economics. The non-profit Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) offer LLM programs for full-time and executive students and supports knowledge exchange between academia and policymakers. Goethe Business School (GBS) is an internationally accredited provider of executive Master’s degree programs and professional certifications. The school’s innovative offerings include a Master of Finance (MA) with two cutting-edge specialization options: Financial Technology Management and Risk Management & Regulation.