The following professors belong to the departments and institutions at the House of Finance.

Name Professorship Department
Haselmann, Rainer SAFE Professor of Finance, Accounting and Taxation Accounting, Finance
Broemel, Roland Chair of Public Law, Economic and Currency Law, Financial Markets Regulation and Legal Theory  
Gründl, Helmut Professor of Insurance and Regulation Finance
Hackethal, Andreas House of Finance Endowed Professor of Personal Finance Finance
Hillert, Alexander House of Finance-Professur für Sustainable Asset Management Finance
Inderst, Roman Professor of Finance and Economics Finance
Kraft, Holger UBS Endowed Professor of Asset Pricing Finance
Krahnen, Jan Pieter Professor of Corporate Finance Finance
Maurer, Raimond Professor of Investment, Portfolio Management, and Pension Finance Finance

Morell, Alexander


Pelizzon, Loriana

Chair for Civil Law, Business Law and Law and Economics

SAFE Professor of Law and Finance

Corporate and Financial Law



Schlag, Christian Professor of Derivatives and Financial Engineering Finance
Schmeling, Maik Professor of Finance Finance
Schüwer, Ulrich Professor für Real Estate Finance Finance
Wahrenburg, Mark Professor of Banking and Finance Finance
Dursun-de Neef, Özlem Juniorprofessor of Sustainable Banking Finance
Binder, Michael Professor of International Macroeconomics and Macroeconometrics Money and Macroeconomics
Faia, Ester Professor of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Money and Macroeconomics
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola Professor of Macroeconomics and Development Money and Macroeconomics
Haliassos, Michael Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance Money and Macroeconomics
Kaas, Leo Professor of Macroeconomics Money and Macroeconomics
Meyer-Gohde, Alexander Professor of Macroeconomics Money and Macroeconomics
Wieland, Volker Endowed Professor of Monetary Economics Money and Macroeconomics
Cahn, Andreas Endowed Professor of Business Law/Law and Finance Corporate and Financial Law
Goldmann, Matthias Juniorprofessor of International Public Law and Financial Law Corporate and Financial Law
Langenbucher, Katja Professor of Private Law, Business Law and Banking Law Corporate and Financial Law
Tröger, Tobias SAFE Professor of Private Law, Trade and Business Law, Jurisprudence Corporate and Financial Law
Wandt, Manfred Professor of Civil Law, Commercial and Insurance Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law Corporate and Financial Law
Gal, Jens Juniorprofessor of European Insurance Law Corporate and Financial Law
Gomber, Peter Professor of e-Finance Business Informatics and Information Economics
König, Wolfgang Professor of Business Administration, esp. Information Systems Business Informatics and Information Economics
Ludwig, Alexander SAFE Professor of Public Finance and Debt Management Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy
Skiera, Bernd Professor of Electronic Commerce Marketing
Ruf, Daniel Endowed Juniorprofessor for Real Estate Finance Finance
Trabandt, Mathias Professor of Macroeconomics Money & Macroeconomics
Walz, Uwe Professor of Industrial Organization Management and Microeconomics