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Current information on visiting the Information Center

Use of the Information Center is restricted until further notice. In accordance with RKI guidelines, twelve workspaces are available for prior booking by authorized users who consent to follow the rules of use.

Rules of Use:

  1. Bookings may be made for the current day and for the following six days.
  2. You may visit the library a maximum of four times within a seven-day period. The library slots are available from 10:00 to 12:55 and from 13:05 to 16:00.
  3. If your reservation is successful, you will receive a confirmation email including a Certificate of Use with an attached data sheet. Please bring your Goethe card, the Certificate of Use and the data sheet - completed and signed – at all times in order to access the Information Centre. You will need the Certificate and the Goethe card as proof of authorization to access the House of Finance and the Information Centre.
    Please hand in the data sheet to the library supervisor. This is in order that you can be traced in the case of a possible SARS-CoV-2 transmission. The data sheet will be destroyed after four weeks.
  4. Access the House of Finance and the Information Centre is only permitted with a mask i.e. with your mouth and nose fully covered.
  5. Your booking is for a specific workspace, please only occupy the booked seat and do not switch to a vacant seat during your visit.
  6. Please use the lockers to the right of the entrance area to store your coats and bags. Only transparent bags may be taken into the reading room.
  7. Food and drinks are not permitted in the reading room, only water in transparent plastic bottles.
  8. If you want to take a break, you can leave the Information Centre/HoF within your booked time slot and then return to your workspace. Please take your Goethe card and Certificate of Use with you as these will be reauthorized on your return. You may only visit the HoF if you are visiting the Information Centre. You are not permitted to use the lobby and locker rooms for your breaks.
  9. You may enter the HoF no earlier than 10 minutes before your booking and must leave no later than 10 minutes after your time slot has ended.
  10. When you leave the Information Centre, please place any library materials you have used on the filing table next to the supervisor for collection.
  11. During your visit please respect and observe all rules of use of the Information Centre and of the House of Finance.