Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump

Rainer Klump has held the position of Professor of Economics with a focus on economic policy at Goethe University Frankfurt since 2000. Having studied economics at the Universities of Mainz, Paris I and Erlangen-Nuremberg, (where he also finished both his doctoral studies and his habilitation thesis), he served as a Professor of Economics at Wuerzburg University from 1992-1997 and then as the Chair of Economic Policy at the University of Ulm from 1997-2000. Between 2008 and 2014, he held the title of Vice President of Goethe University, while from 2015-2017, he took leave to serve as Rector of the University of Luxembourg. Guest professorships led him, among other places, to Paris and Shanghai. In 2020, he joined the team of scientific directors at the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) and became the Executive Director of the House of Finance as of July 1st 2022.