SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
The digital euro: A precautionary device, not a deus ex machina Ignazio Angeloni 16 May 2023
European lessons from Silicon Valley Bank resolution: A plea for a comprehensive demand deposit protection scheme (CDDPS) Loriana Pelizzon, Jonas Schlegel, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Florian Heider, Tobias Tröger 24 Mar 2023
Completing the banking union: Economic requirements and legal conditions Jan Pieter Krahnen, Tobias Tröger, Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Philippe Martin, Franz Mayer, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Nicolas Véron, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Thorsten Beck 06 Dec 2022
Monitoring Complex Financial Instruments in Banks’ Balance Sheets Jannis Bischof, Rainer Haselmann, Tobias Tröger 23 Nov 2022
Is there a ‘retail challenge’ to banks’ resolvability? What do we know about the holders of bail-inable securities in the Banking Union? Jan Pieter Krahnen, Irene Mecatti, Loriana Pelizzon, Tobias Tröger, Tatiana Farina, Jonas Schlegel 23 Nov 2022