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SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
BigTech Cryptocurrencies – European regulatory solutions in sight Anastasia Kotovskaia, Nicola Meier 04 Jul 2022
The weaponization of global payment infrastructures: A strategic dilemma Andreas Nölke 24 Jun 2022
Institutional Protection Schemes: What are their differences, strengths, weaknesses, and track records? Tobias Tröger, Rainer Haselmann, Mark Wahrenburg, Jan Pieter Krahnen 28 Apr 2022
Russia Today – The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s Public Finances Alfons J. Weichenrieder 28 Mar 2022
Designing a rational sanctioning strategy Loriana Pelizzon, Christopher Daase, Nicole Deitelhoff, Carl-Georg Luft, Andreas Nölke, Ignazio Angeloni, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Matthias Goldmann, Anton Peez, Stefan Kroll 28 Feb 2022