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Prof. Volker Wieland, Ph.D., Managing Director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) at Goethe University, has been appointed to the "Hessian Council for the Future of the Economy". [more]

The case of the U.S. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) exposes a serious inconsistency in today’s banking regulation. A SAFE team shows how this flaw can be fixed with small regulatory changes, preventing bank runs[more]

Study at Leibniz Institute SAFE shows that particularly wealthy and educated people gamble on speculative financial stocks for quick cash and thrills, while less wealthy and educated people rather opt for online bets[more]

Sentiment in the financial sector has bounced back after a long downward trend.[more]

From January 2023, the Public Finance Economist will hold the position for two years[more]

Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007, financial markets have grown as have global debt levels – a HoF-SAFE-CFS-IBF Policy Discussion with experts looked at the causes and possible countermeasures[more]

After 14 years as chairman of the House of Finance’s (HoF) Board of Trustees Otmar Issing will hand over to economist and Board of Trustees member Axel A. Weber at the end of this year. [more]

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