House of Finance News

After 14 years as chairman of the House of Finance’s (HoF) Board of Trustees Otmar Issing will hand over to economist and Board of Trustees member Axel A. Weber at the end of this year. [more]

On 1 December 2022, the scientific directorship at SAFE will change hands[more]

With Alexander Ludwig as spokesperson, one of the three new DFG research groups explores how intra-household decisions interact with macroeconomic key factors[more]

University of Paris Dauphine-PSL and Goethe University Frankfurt are launching a two-year double master‘s program in economics and finance. Support from the BHF BANK Foundation and the Willy Robert Pitzer Foundation has made this program possible.[more]

A SAFE White Paper shows how the German pension system can adapt to demographic change with investments in the global capital market[more]

In a joint lecture event of the CFS and the IMFS on July 11 Bundesbank President Dr. Joachim Nagel clearly advocated the introduction of digital central bank money, which is to be made available to private individuals and companies as a third form of money alongside cash and fiat money[more]

In her Financial History Lecture, Catherine R. Schenk of the University of Oxford outlined developments, changing technical requirements and current challenges of international payments[more]

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