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After 14 years at the helm of the House of Finance (HoF) at Goethe University, Wolfgang König is handing over the position of the institution’s Executive Director to his successor Rainer Klump. In a ceremony at the Westend Campus on June 9, Hesse's Finance Minister Michael Boddenberg emphasized the importance of the House of Finance for Frankfurt’s role as a research and financial center. [more]

Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), explains in a SAFE-CEPR Policy Lecture that it takes gradual steps to reach the medium-term inflation target[more]

German financial industry favours complete removal of all banks from SWIFT - risks of Ukraine war for German banking sector manageable [more]

(Survey conducted 25 April – 02 May 2022 for the results of the first quarter 2022)[more]

Supervision of large banking networks by the European Central Bank could increase transparency and stability of deposit insurance[more]

Russia’s SWIFT exclusion could be expanded by a block on correspondent banking relations and a complete ban on exports and imports[more]

After the Covid-19 pandemic, debt sustainability needs to be maintained by fiscal means and the complex European fiscal framework needs to be refocused. This is the finding from a study, Prof. Volker Wieland conducted for the European Parliament. He comes to the conclusion that it is essential to recreate fiscal space after the pandemic and to improve the resilience of the member states in future...[more]

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